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Certification process

We test the following parts of an encrypted coin, token, asset:

  • Technical: full construction from whitepaper until functionality including possible bugs, gaps and non-compatibilities
  • Usability, conversion and market expansion potential
  • Open public blockchain: pre mining, mining, nodes and pools
  • Mission of coin, token, asset
  • Privacy and safety

Use of certificate

All coins, tokens and assets certified are listed here and exclusively here. It is not allowed to use for other means, to copy or to reference outside context of listing. The ranking or position of a listing is meaningless and does show nothing but the entrance of coins, tokens or assets to be examined and certified. All values certified may or may not expose our seal on their webpages. Seal exposed must link to our listing in order to prevent fraud and falsification.

Blacklist does not apply

All copy, scam or low level coins, tokens or assets are not listed here since we only limit to certify first grade encrypted digital values

Refusal of certification

In case that a coin, token or asset is refused because of technical or social default applicant may repeat the process after fixing and prepayment. Please revise your work in detail and carefully before exposing to Certified Cryptocurrency Org. in the first place.

Cost of certification

The examination, evaluation and certification per value takes about 6 labour days and does cost 2 Bitcoin per each and is nonrefundable.


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