Investors Alert


After the default of a huge amount of ICOs or so called Altcoins you are invited to frequently check here. We cannot tell any future value of crypto coins, tokens or assets, but we will publish all crypto products after deep technical examination and of those products willing to get certified. You gain a large deal of safety if the product you have chosen for investment is technical safe and not just another Dapp with oversized market cap and very low, up to no daily transaction volume. Those become shred over time or being absorbed as the protocol they are.

In case you have questions please do contact. Our team of hackers and members of the blockchain association and we are at your disposal. From the perspective of ever disrupting technology we know for sure in which direction the blockchain environment is heading to and in which not.

The listing of tested coins, tokens and assets does not mean more than this: technical safe, operative, no bugs, no cheating, according to standards. We also do certify wallets and exchanges of the public blockchain but no speculative or commercial exchanges. Please know that we are ALL from digital ledger technology, encryption, original bitcoin spirit, hard ware and network systems, and that we dislike the gambling trading culture, which is more harmful to maturity of development but helpful.

We welcome the new generation of security (equity) tokens, which can be utmost profitable while not being subject to exchange gamblers, betters and speculators. Like it is within the currency coins coexisting two totally opposed tendencies, so it will be with securities. One direction into the truly free market option of Bitcoin and the other into the replacement of stock exchanges, i.e. Polymath. Here is no technical disruption but a market disruption of significance. The matter of smart contracts is going to be upgraded permanently and into all kind of some value. Equity backed while validated by means of transparency on public blockchain is just the beginning of instant stock purchase from sofa. Comes commodity trading, comes community or municipality tokens, comes notary digital, med and food supplies, resource data…… simply comes the fundamental piece of Web 3 amongst others. Our main interest is the stress testing of those smart contracts and within the blockchain. From the view of economics we welcome simply anything convertible and safe, there is no bigger boost to economy but this chance. And, fair enough, it will coexist with the fiat system which becomes beneficiary in the same way.

The better the instinct of an investor, the sharper becomes the view from above and details such as energy consumption, meaning or mission of a coin, functionality, added value, next level, management qualities, humanitarian and environmental inclusion for real, are clearly understood to be of the same importance but to be ten times better but a Bitcoin before it can be somebody. The broader sense of it all is that technology will take away as much burden from humanity as possible.  

Our technical certification process is good for you and is good for the product itself. It reveals to operators and developers all weak points to be fixed and certificate will not be emitted until fixed.


Stay save!