In ICAR we are constantly updated, including the legal aspects. For this we expose the new data privacy policy according to the RGPD.

On this page you will find the following information:

    • Identification data
    • Identification of the person responsible for data processing
    • Purpose of data collection
    • Data protection measures
    • Your rights over the data
    • Your obligations
    • What are cookies?
    • What happens if I deactivate them?
    • What cookies do we use?
    • How to manage cookies?
    • Intellectual and industrial property
    • Regulations and jurisdiction
    • Conflict resolution


1.1- Identification data

  • Social denomination: ICAR Association
  • Registered office: C/ Migdia 140, 1-1 de Girona (17003)
  • Activity: certifier of blockchain technology based products
  • Email:
  • Purpose of website: information and product offer.
  • Certificated Cryptocurrency web sites (onwards ICAR):

1.2- Responsible for data processing

In the case of non-EU treatment managers:

  • ICAR uses encrypted storage services through Google Drive & Asana
  • ICAR uses the email services of Google Inc. through Google Apps.
  • ICAR makes use of some American social networks, where international transfers of analytical and technical data are made in relation to the websites.
  • ICAR uses the blockchain environment for ecommerce. Only the data necessary for the processing of payments will be sent.

1.3- Purpose of data collection

These are the activities where there is registration and data processing:

  • Hosting: ICAR has an SSL encryption for the safe sending of personal data through contact forms hosted on the contracted servers of SiteGround España.
  • Data collected on the web: The personal data collected will be processed automatically and incorporated into files that ICAR owns.
  • Your IP will be used to verify the origin of the message in order to offer you protection against SPAM comments and to detect possible irregularities. It will also be used to study behavior on the web, in order to offer a better online experience.
  • Comment form (if any): On the websites there is the possibility that users leave comments to the publications. There is a cookie that stores the data provided by the user so that you do not have to re-enter them on each new visit and that also collects the IP address.
  • User registration: Not allowed, unless expressly requested.
  • Purchase form (if any): To access the products and services offered in our online store, the user has a purchase form subject to the contract conditions specified in our policy and conditions that will require acceptance before of the payment.
  • We collect information during the payment process in our store. This information may include your name, address, email, telephone number, payment details and other information necessary to process your orders.
  • Newsletter subscription forms (if any): ICAR uses the newsletter delivery service (newsletters by email) from Mail Chimp, company sensitized and updated with the new RGDP, which stores your email data, name, message and acceptance of the subscription. You can cancel the subscription to the newsletter at any time through a specific link located at the bottom of each shipment you receive.
  • Commercial post: ICAR, in accordance with current legislation, does not perform SPAM practices, so it does not send commercial emails that have not been previously requested or authorized by the user.
  • Instant messaging: ICAR can provide instant messaging service such as online chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.
  • Payment service providers: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash
  • Content embedded from other websites: ICAR websites will not include embedded content (videos, images, articles, links, etc.) from others because these websites can collect data about you, use cookies and monitor your interaction with the embedded content.
  • External Links: In the websites of ICAR there may be links to other websites and / or contents that are owned by third parties. The sole purpose of these links is to provide the user with the possibility to connect said third party sites. ICAR is not responsible in any case for the results that may be derived to the user for accessing these links.
  • Social networks: ICAR has profiles in some of the main social networks of the Internet. The purpose of the data processing within each of the social networks will be, at most, the one that the same social network allows to the corporate profiles. Thus, ICAR will be able to inform, when the law does not prohibit it, its followers by any means of the social network about its activities, offers, services …
  • Additionally, we may also collect the following information:
    • Visited product pages and visualized content.
    • Your comments and product reviews.
    • Essential cookies to track the contents of your cart.
    • If you create an account we keep your name, address and telephone, to use them in orders.

The management of this data allows us to:

  • Send you important information of your account / order / service.
  • Respond to your requests, complaints and requests.
  • Process payments and avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • Configure and manage your account.
  • Give you technical service and verify your identity.

1.4-Protection of data

  • Data confidentiality and security: ICAR undertakes to respect confidentiality and the use of data in accordance with its purpose. As well as the obligation to keep them and take all necessary security measures to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorized access. Using a variety of technical and organizational security measures, including encryption and authentication tools.
  • Security breaches: ICAR adopts reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of viruses, brute force attacks and code injections. If any gap is detected, ICAR undertakes to inform users within a maximum period of 72 hours.
  • Disclosure of data: All information collected is strictly confidential, ICAR will not disclose this information to third parties, except under judicial request.
  • The period of preservation of the data of the customers of the online store (in case there is one) will vary depending on the service that the client contracts. In any case, it will be the minimum necessary, being able to stay until:
    • 4 years: Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order (obligations in terms of affiliation, registrations, cancellations, payment of salaries …); Arts. 66 and next General Tax Law (accounting books …)
    • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions without special term)
    • 6 years: Art. 30 Commercial Code (accounting books, invoices …)
    • 10 years: Art. 25 Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
    • Subscriber information to the newsletter: From the moment the user subscribes until they unsubscribe.

If the user decides to provide personal information to ICAR, he / she understands and accepts that the security, integrity and privacy of the information can not be guaranteed 100%.

1.5- Your rights over the data

You can send a written communication to the registered address of ICAR or to the email address indicated in the heading of this legal notice, including in both cases a photocopy of your ID or other identification document, to request the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to request access to personal data: you can ask ICAR if this company is treating your data.
  • Right to request rectification if they are incorrect, or if there are new modifications.
  • Right to request the limitation of your treatment, in which case they will only be kept by ICAR for the exercise or defense of claims.
  • Right to oppose the treatment: ICAR will stop treating the data in the manner you indicate, unless for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims have to continue to be used.
  • Right to data portability: in case you want your data to be processed by another firm, ICAR will facilitate the portability of your data to the new person in charge.
  • Right to delete the data: except legal imperative will be deleted after your confirmation.
  • How to complain to the Control Authority: If you consider that there is a problem with the way ICAR is handling your data, you can direct your claims to the ICAR Security Manager (indicated above) or to the data protection authority corresponding.

1.6- Commitments and obligations

  • The user undertakes not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, interests and rights of ICAR or, disable, overload the websites of ICAR.
  • The user guarantees that the personal data provided through the forms are true, being obliged to communicate any modification of these.


2.1- What is a cookie?

A cookie is a harmless file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow, among other things, store and retrieve information about the user’s browsing habits.

Personal data is never collected, everything is through your IP and data such as; the pages visited, the location, the browser, the terminal, the visit time …

2.2-  What happens if I disable cookies?

So that you understand the scope that can have to deactivate the cookies we show you some examples:

  • The web will not know if you are human or spam.
    All social networks use cookies, if you deactivate them you will not be able to use any social network.
  • You will not be able to access the personal area of the web, such as My account, My profile or My orders.
  • It will be impossible to make purchases online, they will have to be via phone or visiting the physical store, if you have it

2.3- What cookies do we use in ICAR?

2.4- How to manage cookies?

Below is a list of links about cookies in different browsers. If you use another browser or mobile phone, consult the corresponding manual for more information:


3.1- Rights on intellectual and industrial property

No intellectual or industrial property rights are transferred to ICAR websites or any of its component elements, and the reproduction, transformation, distribution, extraction, reuse, re-sending or use of any nature is expressly prohibited by the user. by any means or procedure, except in cases where it is legally authorized by the owner of the corresponding rights.

In the event that a user or a third party considers that there has been a violation of their legitimate intellectual property rights by the introduction of certain content on any of the websites of ICAR, you must notify this circumstance to ICAR indicating:

  • Personal data of the owner of the rights infringed.
  • Indicate the protected contents and their location.
  • The accreditation of the intellectual property rights indicated.
  • Express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

3.2- Regulations and jurisdiction

The applicable Law and jurisdiction between ICAR and the users of its services are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

3.3- Regulation and conflict resolution

  • Users may submit to the Consumer Arbitration System, which ICAR will be a part of to resolve any claim derived from this.
  • Users who are consumers as defined by Spanish regulations and reside in the European Union and who have had a problem with an online purchase made to ICAR, can go to the Online Litigation Resolution Platform, created by the European Union and developed by the European Commission under the Regulation(UE) 524/2013, to try to reach an out-of-court settlement.
  • When none of the above is given, the parties agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Girona capital, as this is the place of conclusion of the contract, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.


  • The contents of the articles published in ICAR can not be considered, in any case, as a substitute for legal advice.
  • ICAR is not responsible, for damages and losses for:
    • The lack of availability of services on the webs
    • The existence of viruses, malicious programs…
    • Misuse contrary to this Legal Notice
    • The services provided by third parties